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About Us
The Family

Farming has been a Beck family tradition since Gustof Beck started farming in Valley, Washington in the 1920’s. He had two sons Leo and Willard, both boy’s farmed cattle and alfalfa their whole lives until retiring in 1980. Leo’s son Gordon left the family farm and pursued a career in construction in the 1970’s but could not shake the desire to farm and when the opportunity arose in 1983 to move to Greenbluff and start his own orchard he made the move. Gordon’s son Todd left the farm in 1992 after graduating from high school to pursue a degree in Business and Marketing from WSU and planned to pursue other job opportunities.

Todd, deep down had the desire to farm and returned in 2000 to work with his parents on the family farm. Today, Gordon and Marilyn and Todd and his wife Kimberlee
live on the property and work together running the family business.

The Future

As time progresses Gordon and Marilyn are hoping to slow down and spend more time relaxing as Todd and Kimberlee start taking over more and more of the day to day operations. Todd and Kimberlee now have two children of their own and are working on raising the next generation of Washington State Farmers.

Beck's Harvest House is Open Daily from 10am - 4pm
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